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Have you start working on your dissertation but don’t really know how to structure it. Well, this is the main issues that student usually faced in order to write a proper dissertation. But not all students pay particular attention to this important aspect while writing a law dissertation. For assessors, a thesis structure has to be in order so that they can be thoroughly analysed and understood chapter wise. Unless the chapters are not structured properly, it will be highly difficult for the review committee to drill down the main points of your topic and learn about its different facets.

How To Structure Your Law Dissertation?

Structuring your law dissertation is a challenging task just because of its length. And this is why usually student takes dissertation writing help. While structuring your UK dissertation, what you need to do is set your chapters in the right order as well as includes relevant information in each chapter. Here we are going to give you an overview of how you can structure your law dissertations perfectly:

Title Page

Just like any other document, the title page mentions the title/topic of the paper along with the author name, date, course number, professor/university details etc.


An abstract provides the readers with a glimpse of your dissertation in the form of a summary. It is a shortened version of your entire dissertation where you describe your aim and objectives of your research, methodology, results, conclusion and future direction of your research work.

Table Of Content

Table of content lists the main and sub heads of your manuscript along with the ‘references’ and ‘appendices’ sections. This has to be hyperlinked with the main content and should be created automatically by Microsoft wizard.


As its name suggests, the introduction gives an overview of a topic and complete research that you are going to conduct. It introduces the readers with the main points of your research along with few sub heads like Aims and objectives, rationale, research questions etc. By default, an introduction should not be longer than ten percent of the entire dissertation e.g. if your paper is 10000 words in length, then your introduction should be within 1000 words.


Methodology is a crucial chapter that provides an in-depth analysis of your research criterion and design. In this chapter, you will be describing the chosen method of your study that can be qualitative or quantitative research or the mixture of both. It also elaborates the research instrument i.e. survey, questionnaire, case study etc. that will be used to carry out the research.

Literature Review

One of the trickiest chapters of a dissertation, the literature review is where you critically analyse the latest/previous studies within the parameters of your subject area. Theoretical framework of the study is required to be adjusted in this part, in order to support your study with the previous theories and studies. Here you will also describe the gaps in the existing research and explain how your research will fill those gaps.

Results/ Findings

The ‘results’ is the chapter where you will be presenting the outcomes of your dissertation. It informs the readers about whether or not you have achieved your objectives. Apart from informing the review committee about the findings of your project, it also discusses the loopholes in your research as well as the repercussions they have caused in your project.


The conclusion is the part of your dissertation where you wrap up the entire project. In this chapter, you connect the results of your research to the objectives you set for your project. This chapter will tell the readers that how your research works contributed to the project as well as reveal the weaknesses in the existing research. This chapter also presents the recommendations for the future studies i.e. your study has covered a particular aspect and few points that you didn’t incorporate you can highlight here so that other researcher may consider these points while conducting their research.


In this chapter, you enlist all the sources from where you have borrowed any information for your paper. It is a bit demanding section as you need to write list in the defined format and you need to be aware of the right referencing style to properly accomplish this chapter. You need to make sure that all your sources that you have mentioned in this section are acknowledged in the body of your dissertation. Another important aspect is plagiarism in order to avoid any chances of accidental plagiarism all sources have to be listed down over here.


This is the section where you will include information that you have supplemented in your paper. It is a kind of additional information that does necessarily add anything in the main text of the paper. It includes the survey, graphs, tables, charts or any other source of information that need to be explained further.


The bibliography is written at the end of a dissertation. This chapter enlists all the sources that the writer has consulted during the course of his research just to gain the thorough idea about the topic but didn’t use any information in the paper. It mentions the names of the author along with the number of page and date of publication, title, journal details etc. To know more about this important task of a dissertation, you can turn to us for expert help at EMAIL or #NUMBER.

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